Why Raksha Water Tanks

Raksha Innovation in Water Tank Roto Moulding Technology Cutting-edge Roto Moulding technology keep water clean, odour free, and maintain the quality of water stored intact. To keep the inner surface clean and clear of any bacterial infestations, we’ve introduced Roto Moulding technology.

Personalize your water tank.

RAKSHA WATER TANKS are robust LLDPE (Linear Low-Density Poly Ethylene) water storage solution which is equipped with the latest Roto Moulding technology, adhering to the highest standards of safety and quality. Comes in variant colors :

  • NO TO FUNGUS & VIRUS : The Inner Layer stops all fungal, bacterial and viral growth.
  • KEEPING IT FRESH : The Lid is equipped with air vents allowing hot air to be released while allowing air circulation.
  • TECHNICALLY SUPERIOR : The Tanks are manufactured using the latest and best in class Roto Moulding Technology
  • LEAD - FREE : The material used in the manufacture of tanks is food grade, non toxic and safe for human consumption.
  • PROTECT AGAINST HARMFUL RAYS : The Outer Layer is Equipped to Reflect Harmful UV Rays keeping the liquid free from contamination.
  • DURABLE AND UNBREAKABLE : Made out of LLDPE, the tank is crack resistant, Highly Tensile material.
  • CLEAR MARKINGS : Inlet and outlet indicators are neatly mentioned for hassle free installation.